I think it will be a bit longer before I regularly do show previews, but I figure I can preview a sweet show and introduce some people to this amazing project called Giant System Chicago.
GSC has been posting one video a week for the last few months (up to 21 as of today with Tiger Bones). The videos are immaculately shot in deep, wide angles with warm but highly contrasting lighting, their mini masterpieces worthy of some of the biggest musicians out there. Basically if GSC is taping you, you’re sitting on your first Fuse-ready pile of tape.
The sessions are all over the place, from the eccentric dance kookiness of J + J + J to the Sunn 0))) meets tie-dyed jams of Killer Moon and the of-kilter funk of Icy Demons to the ambient, noise collages of White/Light. You could do worse than to spend a few days picking through their archives. If the jam ain’t your scene, the camera work should be.
Well, Giant System Chicago and Empty Bottle have gotten together, probably after one too many PBR’s and conceived a beautiful baby show. The bill features four of Chicago’s finest up and coming acts with four distinctive sounds. It’s a nice cross section of GSC alumns and a good representation of the diversity of my new stomping grounds.

This is where I’ll be Friday night.

Below I have posted the four sessions from Friday’s performers:

Black Math:

Rabble Rabble:



Who: Rabble Rabble, White/Light, Black Math & Verma
Where: Empty Bottle
When: Friday, Nov 5th
Doors: 9 pm
Cover $8*

*If you get on your horse quickly and knock out an e-mail (by Thursday night) to Empty Bottle, you may be able to get in for free. Send a missive to rsvp@emptybottle.com with the subject heading “Giant System” and your name, just your name, in the body of the e-mail. If you recieve word back from the fine folks at the venue with the text “all set,” you’re in fo’ $Free.99