MC Hammer’s bouts with relevance over the past couple decades, since “2 Legit” faded from ubiquitous novelty to head-shaking regret, have most likely reached their laughable nadir. In MC Hammer’s latest attempt at capturing zeitgeist is a pot shot at Sean “Jay-Z” Carter a/k/a the biggest rapper alive.

Since when is MC Hammer a hackneyed conservative pundit? That’s certainly what it seems like here. He’s created some sort of straw-man argument about how Jay-Z is the devil without offering up much in the way of evidence or proof. He doesn’t even resort to broad generalizations used to paint any popular figure (like Obama or Glen Beck) as the anti-christ, no. Because MC Hammer is a man of god and has been insulted by Jay-Z–on a fairly weak verse on Kanye’s GOOD Friday cut “Monster,” he must be Satan or the anti-christ.
This is absolutely the lowest form of Christianity and nearly the epitome of hubris, because Jay done him wrong, MC Hammer lashes out and accuses Hova of being the devil. Seriously, one of the only semi-concrete claims Hammer can offer to Z’s godlessness is a flat out lie: “That boy tried to steal my swag/finger prints all over my bag.” Jay-Z may have bitten some other predocessor’s style, but he certainly owes little, if nothing, to Hammer’s goofy delivery. The only evidence you may find from Jay in relation to Hammer’s (ha!) style would be Hova’s Nike tracks moving quickly in the other direction.
What makes all of this worse is the proto-Lil Jon beat and the jank-ass chorus: “Touch the fire, touch the fire, boy/you better run, run” repeat. In addition, the verses are almost non-existent. If you’re going to rely on a chorus to carry your cut, it’d better be DAMN good. This is barely even a song. Of all the wonderful things which have been created in God or Jesus Christ’s name or honor, this ranks somewhere below Christian Rock. If God actually exists, I’d think he’d be striking MC Hammer with lightning right quick.