I’m currently laying the groundwork and double checking lists for my 2010 wrap up. For my inaugural run on this blog, I’ll be counting down my favorite comedy albums, new television shows, songs, miscellaneous releases (EPs, singles, splits, 7″, mixtapes), albums and films of 2010.
Deets are still a bit fuzzy, but the schedule will look more or less like this:

Wednesday, December 15th: Top Comedy Albums of 2010
Monday, December 20th: Top 20 Songs of 2010
Wednesday, December 22nd: Top Miscellaneous Releases of 2010
Monday, December 27th: Best Albums of 2010: Honorable Mentions
Tuesday, December 28th: Best Albums of 2010: 20-11
Wednesday, December 29th: Best Albums of 2010: 10-6
Thursday, December 30th: Best Albums of 2010: 5-1
Monday, January 3rd: Top “New to Me” Records in 2010
Wednesday, January 5th: Top New Television Shows of 2010

Since we’re just getting into the nitty-gritty of prestige picture time, I’ll be holding off on my top films list until after the new year. I hope to have that posted before February.