Last year I fell head over heels for the lo-fi Southern stylings of Big K.R.I.T. (dude just missed my top 10 records of the year). His debut slab, K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, got the young MC picked up by Def Jam–which meant that, sadly, the album was no longer available as for free through his Myspace page. One of the standout’s from his 2010 slammer was “Neva Go Back,” a sentimental track about youth and family (the hook: “I wish I was a kid again / runnin’ with my friends and them /  up and down the street”) over a blusey guitar loop, “Neva Go Back” is getting a remix of sorts.
K.R.I.T. met up with Ragen Fykes, Grillade’s lead vocalist and the result is a sumptuous re-imagining one of the MC’s most vunerable and touching moments and wringing just a bit more sentiment and getting a few cheeks wet to boot. Some keys fill out the periphery of the mix but the real addition here is Ragen Fykes’ vocals. Her’ breathy soprano floats over the chorus, reeling the past in a bit more with every note, before she takes her own verse, getting a little Mary J. Blige all over the place. It’s a truly affecting and rare remix which may supercede the power of the original.

You can pick up the track for 50 cents by following the link contained with song or you can wait for the EP from Grillade and K.R.I.T. which should be coming out shortly. Details are still scant, but has a video with an interview with K.R.I.T. and some clips from studio session with Grillade and K.R.I.T. putting some serious new soul on “Something.”