In yet another instance of wonderful Iowa music news I didn’t get to because of list making and Kanye ego-stroking, Samuel Locke Ward has made a whole mess of his solo material available on his bandcamp site.
Of course it’s not all up there yet–the Internet may not be big enough, but many of Sam’s out of print material has been made available for whatever your heart and wallet deem. (Your support does go toward Sam making more music, so even in these still dire economic times, consider throwing at least a small slice of your own pittance to the man who makes the music.)
You can pick up his First Two EPs from 2002, Boombox By Bedside and Today is the Tomorrow You were Worried about Yesterday both from 2005; the duo from 2008: Golden Favorites: Where Sobriety is King and Sacrilege, Treason, Treachery, & Thyme; a pair of 2009 releases: Where the Sick Go To Die, We All Love Candy and last, but not least, 2010’s awesome Barely Regal Beagles. Word has it that more albums will be added eventually, so keep refreshing that page, Sam’s bound to have recorded a new album by then.

Check out Ward channeling Morrisey on “B.U.B.” from the First Two EP’s collection

And here’s the country-fried tune, “Now (We Have Won)” from his Red State-spearing Sacralige, Treason, Treachery, & Thyme: