I was all prepped to make a Blizzard of aught-11 mix. I was even going to highlight some of the cool moody stuff I’ve been jamming on from this very year, but as I was sequencing this epic, wind-blown, Lake Shore Drive-closing soundscape, I got stuck on this experimental folk duo from France called Natural Snow Buildings. Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte have a new, full-length out on Blackest Rainbow called Waves of the Random Sea. It’s a dynamic slab. The first 22 minutes–i.e. the first two tracks–range from a light flurry of ambient to a hard, driving tribal beats, to shifting drifts of field recordings and wraps up with the kind of achingly beautiful folk ballad you might close an intimate indie drama with.

It’s very affecting stuff, kids. Waves of the Random Sea thrives on an almost emotionally crippling dynamic. It’s a series of ever tightening, layering, and looping noises, and just when you think the drift is bound to swallow you up, a glimmer of light appears and begins melting the mass away.

You can bounce over to Blackest Rainbow to order Waves of Random Sea on double LP or CD.