Madison, Wisconsin’s Peaking Lights have been flirting with full on reggae for a couple years now. When I first saw them open for High Places a few years back, I mistook their dubby shuffle for a bit of country and western flavor. They were burying all the cool sunny sounds under loads of hiss and electronic noodling. Last year, a the Mill in Iowa City, the brought some serious beats. Naturally, these were early live versions of the material for their newly released 936 which was recorded by Iowa City’s production master, Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios. In honor of this momentous occasion, you’ll find the video for the album’s lead single, “All the Sun That Shines,” below. This is a wonderfully sunny track to brighten your blizzard addled minds. Just get a load of that beat.

936 dropped yesterday and you can scoop it up on LP, CD, or cassette on Not Not Fun’s website.