In my old roles at newspapers and radio stations, I had to avoid calls to action, it’s been really liberating to do almost nothing but that on this blog. But I’m stepping up in a big way on this one. This isn’t just me asking you to listen to a song or watch a video, damnit, this is me asking you to directly support and affect the production and distribution of art! Coolzey a/k/a Zachary Eli Lint is seeking backers to help him put his 2010 Hip-Hop Hearts project on CD and DVD. Coolzey concieved a forward-looking project–which prempted Kanye’s Twitter-tape and I’ll let him speak for himself below:

“The Hip Hop Hearts project is the 12 songs that Jason Hennesy [Miracles of God and Public School Records cohort with Lint] and I made audio and videos for last summer and released online in which each week I conceived of a new song with a different hip-hop producer and Jason conceived of a new video for the song, and we had one week to execute. Essentially, the rough mixes are what is up online right now. The final product will be much better quality, particularly in audio.”

Lint looked to the amazing site, Kickstarter to, well, kick-start his initiative. If you’re not familiar, Kickstarter seeks a large(r) numbers of small donors to fund various artistic endeavors, rather than looking for one or two wealthy patrons to make dreams realities.
Coolzey set a modest goal of $3,000 to cover remixing, remastering, design, video production, pressing and packaging for the CD/DVD dual-tray digipak. He’s recently eclipsed the $1,500 mark with just 19 donors (I did the math, that’s just over $81 apiece). It’s a small price to pay to continue supporting the best Iowa MC I know of. (Best Iowa MC may sound like a dubious compliment, but it shouldn’t, Zey rocks it hard and old-school. Plus, I’d be more than happy to spark an Iowa MC rap battle on Corn-Fed Critic!) And if you feel like you’re carrying a lot of the burden of supporting the arts, don’t worry, you’ll get something. For any donation over $25, you’re getting at least the CD/DVD digipak. For higher donations, you get more. It’s like PBS or NPR, but no lame-ass totes (I keeeed, I love me a nice tote bag).
Anyway, bounce on over to Coolzey’s Kickstarter page, donate, and get in on this righteous audio-visual experience. Below you can peep a couple of the videos previewing the master plan: