New York’s Screens are poised to make some noise this Spring. The quartet, featuring former members of The Apes, Medications, and The Mall, has their debut album, Dead House, slated for a May 17th release on What Delicate Recordings (co-founded by drummer, Andrew Becker). However, there’s no need to wait, anxiously, for this new outfit’s new jams. Like any band worth it’s bad haircuts and ironic t-shirts, they have a bandcamp site where you can score the lead “singles” from the record. Both tracks, “Pop Logic” and “Shudder,” very nimbly stride the line between angular post-punk and shaggy psych-pop. If these two cuts are strong indicators of the quality of the crew’s debut, Dead House should be the infectious, skittery, muddy hit of the summer in Williamsburg, Wicker Park, Echo Park and all hipster meccas in between.

Stream “Pop Logic” below and click on over to their bandcamp site to download and/or stream “Shudder.”