Italian drone/noise/ambient/sound collage composer, Fabio Orsi is back with another slab of wonderfully wicked sounds called Stand Before Me, Oh My Soul. Orsi’s latest album takes a distinctly different tack from his ambient, chilly 2010 release, Winterreise; Oh My Soul is almost a one-man post-rock/drone show. Orsi’s cribbed so many drum breaks and beats and looped them into so many twisted, ear-bending incarnations it boggles the mind and defies convenient pigeon-holing. At times, Orsi cuts a swath between the angular chops of early Wire records and the behemoth swells of Sunn 0))) (“Papa, Show me Your Blues LPs”) and then he’s carving through the chopping waves between Krautrock, ambient, and electronica on “Full Metal Flat.”
Below is the video, appropriately edited from an anti-LSD film strip, for “My Awesome Drugs Propaganda.” The cymbal and tom heavy drum work and the swirling shifting additions with each repitition, make this one of the most conventional cuts on the Oh My Soul. You can almost imagine Colin Newman (Wire) or Alan Vega (Suicide) stammering or mumbling over this mix.

You can score Orsi’s latest opus, Stand Before Me, Oh My Soul, and check out “Full Metal Flat” on Preservation Records’ site by clicking here.