(Photo care of Erin Nekervish)

The Lincoln Lodge claims to be the longest-running independent comedy showcase in the nation, and it very may well be; but there aren’t a whole lot of statistics to confirm or deny such a claim. However, after my recent trip up to this weekly showcase, I can verify that the bulk of the troupe’s comedians are pretty darn good. (Some are on the precipice of being damn great.)
This Thursday and Friday, one of the Lodge’s very own, Mo Welch, will depart from doing stand-up and venture into the wild world of one-(wo)man shows. Her show, The Weird Girl, is a collection of odd odes and off-kilter one-sided conversations stitched together by Welch’s skewed perspective and unique delivery…or that’s what I can gather from watching the clips on Vimeo, seeing her MC a few weeks ago, and the write up on the Lodge’s website.
Regardless, she’s ribald, blunt, and has hints of Maria Bamford’s “schizophrenia,” so she will more than likely take the back room of the Lincoln Restaurant (home to The Lincoln Lodge showcase) by storm. The Lincoln Lodge’s site doesn’t confirm this, but a press-release e-mail claims that the hilarious Cameron Esposito, the circus sideshow of Amanda Crockett, and the lone comic bearing a Y chromosome Aaron Weaver will open.

Peep Mo playing her 12-year-old self writing a letter to Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT) below.

What: The Lincoln Lodge Presents: The Weird Girl
Where: The Lincoln Lodge located in The Lincoln Restaurant (4008 N Lincoln Ave)
When: Thursday, March 3rd and Friday, March 4th
Doors: 9pm
Cover: $10

You can pick up tickets here.