While Wisconsin is in an uproar, fist-shaped state held aloft in protest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin guitarist, Black Eagle Child a/k/a Michael Jantz seems pretty cool and collected on his latest release, Lobelia, out now on Preservation Records.
Jantz sits alongside fellow Preservation recording artist Evan Miller in vying for John Fahey’s throne. Jantz favors a more appealing, lilting sound on Lobelia than the caustic shredding and feedbacking Miller has been jamming on as of late, but the source of inspiration is undeniably Fahey.
The two leaks from Black Eagle Child’s latest are two different kinds of achingly beautiful. “Summer Street” sounds of broken, bent corn stalks and a dusty country side; Jantz’s dusting of electric sustain is occasionally broken by a locust buzz of a distortion pedal or the crunch feedback.
“Paper Delivery” would be cinematic treacle if it weren’t so delicately handled, the joy and pleasure weren’t so subtly doled out. “Paper Delivery” rolls along gently, the sort of thing you’d slap on an allergy medication ad if you were cool, but the constant satisfaction a lesser hack would gun for, is penetrated by little inversions of the theme and an eerie sense of foreboding lingers beneath the bright fretwork as Jantz peppers the soundscape with electronic noises.

Get an earful of “Summer Street” and “Paper Delivery” below and if you’re as enchanted as I, head on over to Preservation’s website and score a copy of Lobelia.

“Summer Street”

“Paper Delivery”

Jantz has made seven of his out of print or self-released cassettes or CD-r’s available for free on his website. So if this is really tripping your trigger, then you can load up, care of Black Eagle Child himself, right here.