(Photo nabbed from artist’s Myspace page)

Chicago’s BIGCOLOUR is prepping a new album. But while we await, what appears to be a self-titled, full-length opus, we have the album’s lead single, “Playing Puzzles,” up on bandcamp.
But this is no ordinary teaser, BIGCOLOUR, the nom de plume for one Brian Brissart, is looking for a little help from his friends and fans to get his debut LP pressed and released. If you have a love for woozy, sun-stroked, lo-fi indie-pop, then you may be of a mind to throw a few sheckles Brissart’s way. You’ll notice, if you visit BIGCOLOUR’s bandcamp site that the price for “Playing Puzzles” is about five times what you’re accustomed to dropping for a single, well that’s because you’re helping fund the album which will contain that song. If you shell out a fiver, you get the song and that warm, fuzzy feeling the song gives you, plus that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from donating to NPR or PBS; you’re supporting something important, dammit: art.
While Brissart’s “kickstarter” project isn’t as generous with the tote bags and DVD’s of Britcoms, you stand a chance of getting a bit more than you bargained for. Every tenth person to shell out for “Playing Puzzles” will automatically net themselves a copy of the album. That’s pretty damn cool.

Check out the afore-hyped track below or hop on over to the BIGCOLOUR bandcamp site.

Plus, dude dropped two pretty EPs on us in 2010 without asking for a dime, so think of it as karmic re-balance. You can still cop one of those EPs, Centuries of Summerhere. And even though Brissart has pulled his awesomely titled Meshes of the Laughternoon from his bandcamp page, you can still pick that up, gratis, here.

Brissart just wrapped up a set last night, but he’s playing out a few more times over the next month; catch the dates and locations below:

3/7: Chicago – Schubas w/ Brother George, & the Jezebels
3/12: Chicago – The Asshole Castle w/ Moodrings, Glitter Bones, Mckenzie Toma, Girls of the New South, & Cave Mirrors
4/8: Chicago – Saki w/ TBA