Colin Stetson is responsible for almost every single note, skronk, clack, and squeal on one of my favorite album of this young year, New History Warfare vol. II: Judges. The music is gorgeous, rich, textured, and expertly composed, but really appreciating Stetson’s work is to see the physical talent involved in making all those sounds.
Thanks to La Blogotheque, that’s possible. And beyond just seeing the Montrealer wail on his sax, the production quality is, as it always is with LB, absolutely beautiful. Check out Stetson at work on two standouts from Judges, “Awake on Foreign Shores” and the title track below.

You can bounce on over to La Blogotheque to check the second video which features Stetson performing “Red Horse (Judges II)” and “In Love and In Justice” here.