The twin towers of dubbed-out, spaced, warm sci-fi noise, Daren Ho and Jeff Witscher are once again collaborating. The former Trash Dog bandmates are dropping the feedback-worshiping, sweat-drenched scuzz of their late-Aughts, Iowa City punk project for blissed-out burbles and slinky synths. Ho (Driphouse, ex-Raccoo-oo-oon) and Witscher (Rene Hell, Marble Sky, Impregnable, etc) have adopted the handle Mandelbrot & Skyy for this self-titled, four-song set on Foxy Digitalis.
Like any good collaboration, Mandelbrot & Skyy brings all the otherworldly audio you’d expect from either of these artists’ latest output. But, like any great collaboration, Ho and Witscher have so wonderfully synthesized their similar, yet unique talents that Mandelbrot & Skyy seems less like a meeting of the minds and more like a new being unto itself.
The album’s first three cuts play like discussions between the two composers before the 17-minute master class of album closer, “Monte Carlo.” While three proceeding tracks lack nothing in the aural hypnosis department, “Monte Carlo” is a smoldering, eerie exercise. The quarter of an hour is marked with the subtle, semi-narrative shifts that stand between being atmospheric muzak and truly evocative and imaginative works worth revisiting.

Take a listen to the album-capping epic, “Monte Carlo” below, and pick up the vinyl from Foxy Digitalis here.