Madison, Wisconsin’s Peaking Lights, understandably, can’t stop repping their latest dish, 936. Actually, if my understanding of all the blogosphere hype is correct, this latest video for “Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)” was not actually commissioned by the duo, but you wouldn’t know it to see it.
Featuring long clips from a reputed Italian freak-folk, Native American-exploitation film, dazed dance clips, and just general drugged-out, distorted found-footage, it reeks of PL’s aesthetic. Plus, this is 936‘s real jam. “Tiger Eyes” has the head-juking, bouncing bass line that gets you swaying and the blurry, echo chamber vocals that make you feel like you’ve had a couple good tokes, even if you haven’t. Check the video below:

And the hits just keep coming from 936. On Monday, Altered Zones posted yet another single from the band’s second full-length, “Key Sparrow.” This is the third single of six on the vinyl release and eight from the CD/digital release, man. Seriously, we’re looking at the reggae-influenced, underground-pop equivalent of Thriller.
You can pick up Peaking Lights’ 936 from Not Not Fun here. Just got word that NNF is waiting for the second pressing, so your order may take a little longer than normal. Jump on the bandwagon before it gets too crowded (just know, I saw these guys waaaaay before they were popular, ha).