I took this one, okay.

Iowa City ambient duo, Cocoon, has a few dates scattered across the Midwest in the coming weeks including a set tomorrow night at Panchos Bar, here in Chicago.
Since I last blogged about Ian MacMillian and Zach “Avery” Dowling (a/k/a Goldwater Marmalaid), they’ve finally played more shows than Cocoon has releases. And they have a few with Zodiac and Hugs Unlimited over the next few days. If you’re in the Midwest, all the shows are pretty inexpensive, so if you’re feeling like getting some fine Iowa ambiant, this should be your jam.

You can download the duo’s Darbolistic Rex-released EP, Living Enigma from the tape label here.
You can also score a download of “Delorium,” a cut from the Darbolistic Rex sampler, A Pairing in Disorder, at my former hyping grounds.


3/15: Chicago – Panchos Bar w/ Zodiac, Hugs Unlimited, The Machinist, Orange Drink
3/16: Bloomington – Rachel’s Bar w/ Zodiac, Hugs Unlimted, Canid
3/20: Lawrence – Replay Lounge w/ Zodiac, Hugs Unlimited, IS/IS
3/30: Iowa City – White Lightning Warehouse w/ Mountains, David Daniell, Lwa