If hip-hop hasn’t gone punk yet, it has now. Death Grip, an almost militantly obscure rapper/outfit, who/that has just started shaking up the internet. Apparently this is Zach Hill (of Hella fame) and his long whispered about hip-hop project. Who his other collaborators are is unclear.
The MC, who may or may not be the angry man in the video above, is constantly spitting fire at the top of his battered lungs. While what he has to say isn’t always as startling as how he says it, “Full Moon” is vital. This is life-affirming, not in an inspiring way, not in any sort of Hallmark kind of way, in the same way that near-death experience are life-affirming. This screed takes you to the edge of what hip-hop has been lately. Stripping away the ringtone raps and impeccably rendered 808 beats, Death Grips is loud and messy, straining every muscle to just get noticed above the constant stream of watered-down content.
Hell, co-workers thought I was having a seizure or a family member had died when as I listened to this cut (headphones were on). Having never snorted coke (yet), I imagine this is about as close as I’ve been to that sensation.
You can download six tracks from Death Grips’ upcoming mixtape (release date, like much of the make up of the band, is unknown) from the band’s absolutely insane site, here.