Iowa City’s Brooks Strause is back with another collection of dark, demented folk, My Foreign Right Hand. Strause posted his latest effort on his new bandcamp site a mere 9 days ago. With that posting, Strause has radically redrawn his musical boundaries. My Foreign Right Hand certainly treads familiar ground with the opening pair, “An Autobiography” and “Identity Crisis Blues,” both clinging faithfully to Strause’s rasp and penchant for whiskey-soaked folk blues. However, the Juke-joint rave-up of “Can’t Remember” might sooner find itself on a new Devotchka LP than the raspy, mid-tempo melancholy which occupied Strause’s previous effort, the wonderful The Misanthrope and his Doubtful Faith.

This is a brand new Brooks Strause, folks. Not only do we get the folk-infused shimmy of “Can’t Remember” above, we also get the surf sounds of “Oh Little Fearless.” The gravel-voiced troubadour has almost entirely dropped his spare, creepy arrangements and fleshed out every single nook and cranny of his creeky compositions. For evidence, just get an earful of “White Arms.” Certainly a creepy cut which would have found a happy home amongst Strause’s earlier work, he’s gotten himself some horns, harmonica, and sirens backing him up on the chorus.

Bounce on over to Strause’s bandcamp site to stream or purchase the album. It’s a scant $8 to own this diverse 13-track collection. For compositions of this quality, musical performances this sound, and production this pristine, this is a flat out steal.

Strause has a sweet slot on this year’s Mission Creek Festival:

4/3: Iowa City – The Mill w/ Kurt Vile & the Violators, The Lonelyhearts, and Paleo