Fabio Orsi is wasting no time in following up his wonderful Stand Before Me, Oh My Soul from earlier this year. And there’s ample reason that his latest album, Wo Ist Behle? wasn’t just packaged with it’s predecessor. First and foremost, this is a whole different aural experience. Where Stand Before Me. His first release from 2011 was an angular, loop-heavy post-punk, no-wave, post-rock workout. On the other hand, Wo Ist Behle relishes in the subtle difference between silence and sound. Album opener, the 12-minute long “Loipe1,” takes–depending on how high you have the volume cranked and how good your hearing is after years of going to concerts–up to three or four minutes to become audible beyond faint notions of  a drone (like when the TV’s on mute but you swear you can ever so faintly hear the voices).Like most of Orsi’s output, attentive listening is rewarded. That whole thing teachers and coaches blabbed about getting out what you put in applies pretty nicely here. The minute shifts, where things begin and end, the mobious strip construction can do things drugs never could. It’s easy to sink into odd states of semi-existence pondering the layered nature and causality or lackthereof here. And that’s just the first track.

As a collection, Wo Ist Behle? is remarkably diverse despite the almost parallel construction all five tracks follow. The warped didgeridoo loop in “Loipe2,” the sizzling synth burn and crackle of “Loipe3” offer different textures without creating a scene or making to big a deal about variety. Orsi’s not out to bowl anyone over on first blush, this is a slow burn, to say the least. But with some of these shifts in the sonic pallet, Orsi is really testing the durability of loops, any concrete notion of a beginning or end point, and I think something that a lot of minimal and ambient composers contemplate: when is something silent and when is something noise?

Wo Ist Behle? drops Tuesday, April 6th (coincidentally, Orsi’s birthday) on Boring Machines Records. There’s also a video for “Loipe1” streaming on Vimeo here.