(Photo: John C. Schlotfelt)

Iowa City’s premier punk outfit, Supersonic Piss, has itself a serious slab of shellac about to drop. The dirtiest quartet that the city has to offer is about to scramble some brains and blast through some ear drums with their debut full-length Umbilical Noose–out soon on Rotted Tooth Records.
Despite the quartet’s best efforts, they’ve finally written some tunes. In their first few months of existence, back in 2009, Supersonic Piss was more about being as loud and abrasive as a classically constructed punk foursome (bass, drums, guitar, vocals) could be. Now, with Umbilical Noose, they’re sounding decidedly “accessible.”
Just listen to the absolutely filthy, smutty second cut, “Go Home Dad, You’re Drunk Pt. 2.” Sure, it’s vile lyrical content might have your mother shuddering, she can hum the vocal line. While that tune is a little obscured by the sheer tonnage of Big Muff overdrive, that it’s discernible at all is a nod to a desire to be listened to, not just experienced.

Now, if you’re getting a little nervous that the dirty dudes and dudette in Supersonic Piss have sold out–whatever that means, never fear; this is still some cosmically messy, noisy, hardcore-no-wave-infused, guttural, garage-style punk. Shits still fucked up. Yeah, there are some legit ditties here, but the group also crams two Lydia Lunch covers into this taut, no-frills 30-minute stomper. Then there’s album-closer, “Say it Ain’t So” (not a Weezer cover). Damn thing sounds like a drunken biker falling down five flights of stairs. The sloppy, leather thud, the screaming mantra of the title, as much fighting against the fall and pain as screaming for more.

You can score the whole thing, in digital form, for free at the group’s bandcamp site. However, if that just isn’t your bag, or not enough for you, you can score a copy of the vinyl as they cross the country, just scroll down to find the stop nearest you:

4/18: Iowa City, IA – White Lightning Wherehouse w/ Witch Hat, Los Voltage
4/20: Chicago, IL – Mortville w/ Cacaw, Mayor Daley, Witch Hat
4/21: Minneapolis, MN – Club Med w/ Wild Child, Miami Dolphins, Cadette
4/22: Sioux City, IA – American Legion Hall w/ Heavily Into the Hoove
4/24: Omaha, NE – The Sandbox w/ The Fucking Party, Gag Reflex, Heavily Into the Hoove
4/25: Lawrence, KS – house show w/ Weekend Dad, Jabberjosh, No Thought
4/26: Wichita, KS – Kirby’s Beer Store w/ Cricket Wand, Bergeron
4/27: Denver, CO – Blast-o-mat w/ Torch Runner, No Thought, Citizen
4/29: Missoula, MT – Zoo City Apparel
4/30: Seattle, WA – The Black Lodge
5/1: Seattle, WA – Day Drunk May Day party @ Woody’s house
5/2: Tacoma, WA – TBD
5/3: Olympia, WA – Rainy Day Records w/ Pitted Youth, Family Stoned
5/4: Portland, OR – The Know w/ Lunge, more TBA
5/6: Oakland, CA – Stanford house show w/ Buoyant Sea, Generation and Mind Cemetery
5/7: Los Angeles, CA – Juanita’s w/ Fantastica Bastidas
5/8: Tucson, AZ – The Nest skatepark 1619 S 6th Ave w/ Standard Deviance
5/10: Austin, TX – Beerland w/ Love Collector, more TBA
5/11: Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA – TBD
5/12: Gainesville, FL – The Laboratory w/ Neon Blud
5/13: Tampa, FL – Heinrich’s Workshop w/ Neon Blud, Craow
5/14: Orlando, FL – Hoops w/ Sleep On Alligator, Fecal Assphyxiation, Shadow Country
5/16: Athens/Atlanta, GA – TBD
5/17: Nashville, TN – Betty’s w/ Deluxin, Solstices
5/18: Memphis, TN – Stash House w/ TBD
5/19: St. Louis/Columbia, MO – TBD
5/20: Chicago, IL – TBD
5/21: Quad Cities – Rozz Tox w/ Meth and Goats, Slap N Tickle

Last but not least, from the Supersonic Piss ephemera files: You can download the punk troupe’s two cassette releases, gratis, care of Iowa Hardcore, Coronation Split and Meat. And I highly encourage you to check out this beautiful slideshow, care of Iowa City’s unofficial music photographer Bill Adams.