Last summer, Night-People label head, Shawn Reed, unleashed Cola-Heavy Nights, a mix of then recently released and upcoming tracks from the label; dude’s at it again. We’re barely even into spring and Reed already has another summer-themed sampler of recent and upcoming Night-People jams.
From the greaser quaffed Dirty Beaches to the dopamine-diluted reggae of Coppertone; from the sleepy psych of Reed’s fellow Wet Hair bandmate Ryan Garbes to the synthy wisps of Three-Legged Race; Deluxe Double Fold is all the drunken euphoria, backyard bbqs, sweat-soaked porch hangs, and heat-stroked pass outs you can experience.
Go ahead and get down, cause Reed’s broken us off with a lil’ taste of the Night-People Records’ summer output for free. Download it here. Check the tracklisting (with a couple cuts streaming) below:

1. We Shave – “Creme Dream Blues II”
2.Dirty Beaches – “Don’t Let The Devil Find You”

3. Dan Melchior Und Das Menace – “Pretty Torn Up”
4. Yves Son Ace – “Style Promotion”
5. Son of Salami – “Fat City”
6. Street Gnar – “Without Blue”
7. Coppertone – “Year of the Tiger”
8. Goldendust – “After the Smoke Grew Thick”
9. Cellophane Spill – “Zaj Mak Ta”
10. Blanche Blanche Blanche – “Heroes of the Microphone”
11. Ela Orleans – “I Know”

12. Eklin – “Polan”
13. Three Legged Race – “China Bull”
14. Chrome Dome – “CMA”
15. Ryan Garbes – “Moistpop”
16. Lantern – “Get Out of My Mind”
17. Trailblazer – “Don’t Need It Anyway”
18. Canterbury Rams – “Simple Mind”
19. White Woods – “Groundswell”

Reed just made many cassettes featuring tracks from this mix available yesterday:
Three Legged Race – As Ed Sunspot
Blanche Blanche Blanche – Songs Of…
Cellophane Spill – Cellophane Spill
Eklin – Onwa
Goldendust – Digital Skies
There were also a few releases not highlighted in Deluxe Double Fold posted today as well:
Robedoor – Rock Bottom
Sewn Leather – No Need For Reverse Talking
The Savage Young Taterbug – Theme From Gasoline Weirdo

You can score any or all of these seven cassettes and more at Night-People Records. We Shave also made their album available as a free download through the awesome Candy Dinner site here.