Ryan Garbes (ex-Raccoo-oo-oon, Wet Hair) looks mighty prolific lately. Dude had two knock-out releases–a cassette and 7″–in 2010, an upcoming full-length, due out on Hello Sunshine, and a yet-to-be released cassette from Smeraldina-Rima tentatively slated for a June release. Right now, everyone’s, rightfully so, fixed on his new slab, Sweet Hassle, out on Woodsist offshoot Hello Sunshine.
The lead-off single, “Boys are Back” has been making the rounds on the Internet; it’s a subtle, spiraling piece of psyched-out extra-cool. Put your sunglasses on for the chilled out burbling tune.

You can download “Boys are Back,” care of One Thirty BPM, here. You can order Sweet Hassle from Hello Sunshine on vinyl from the Woodsist blog here.