(Screen capture from “All The Sun That Shines” video)
One of the coolest collaborations Iowa City ever produced was the shifting collective known as Cuticle. Originally the brain child of Brenden O’Keefe (Nimby) and Daren Ho (ex-Raccoo-oo-oon, Driphouse), Cuticle has also been a trio with the added clout of Jeff Witscher (Rene Hell, Marble Sky, etc). Recently, most of the work has been done Witscher and O’Keefe (Ho will occassionaly Skype-in from NYC). Regardless of the construction, the results are usually pretty sweet.
Those results now include a couple remixes of new Peaking Lights tracks. Not Not Fun commissioned a remix of “Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) from PL’s lauded sophomore NNF release, 936. That remix is slated to appear on a collection, tentatively slated for an August release, that will also feature re-tooled tunes by Xander Harris as well as Daniel Martin McCormick of Mi Ami.
Witscher and O’Keefe had so much fun, they also remixed 936-closer “Marshmellow Yellow.” Brenden O’Keefe’s gone and broken us off with a little preview of what to expect when NNF releases the remix series; check out Cuticle’s re-imagined “Marshmellow Yellow (Imaginary Honeymoon Cuticle remix)”

For reference’s sake, you can also remind yourself of the sunny sounds on the original track below:

You can get your grubby mitts on the remix here.