Mt. Trashmore
Clown Ethics Recordings

Chicago math rockers T’bone make complex grooves for the kids who just barely passed Algebra II. Mt. Trashmore tracks tend to fall into one of two categories: pulsating jams with fairly conventional structures and completely or largely instrumental exercises punctuated with bellowed non-sequiturs.  The trio–Ed Bornstein on drums, Pat McPartland on guitar, and Leland Meiners on bass–pack a lot of ideas into a song, time signature and key changes abound, but they went for the populist jugular on the lyrics. (more…)


Ryan Garbes (ex-Raccoo-oo-oon, Wet Hair) looks mighty prolific lately. Dude had two knock-out releases–a cassette and 7″–in 2010, an upcoming full-length, due out on Hello Sunshine, and a yet-to-be released cassette from Smeraldina-Rima tentatively slated for a June release. Right now, everyone’s, rightfully so, fixed on his new slab, Sweet Hassle, out on Woodsist offshoot Hello Sunshine. (more…)

Last summer, Night-People label head, Shawn Reed, unleashed Cola-Heavy Nights, a mix of then recently released and upcoming tracks from the label; dude’s at it again. We’re barely even into spring and Reed already has another summer-themed sampler of recent and upcoming Night-People jams.
From the greaser quaffed Dirty Beaches to the dopamine-diluted reggae of Coppertone; from the sleepy psych of Reed’s fellow Wet Hair bandmate Ryan Garbes to the synthy wisps of Three-Legged Race; Deluxe Double Fold is all the drunken euphoria, backyard bbqs, sweat-soaked porch hangs, and heat-stroked pass outs you can experience.
Go ahead and get down, cause Reed’s broken us off with a lil’ taste of the Night-People Records’ summer output for free. Download it here. Check the tracklisting (with a couple cuts streaming) below: (more…)

One of the hardest things about being attached to a smaller local music scene is when a promising act breaks up. It happens a lot. When Iowa City’s Molly Ringwald called it quits a year or so ago, I was pretty bummed. The flip side of that coin is that rarely do talented, interesting people stay off the stage for long. So welcome two-thirds of Molly Ringwald back into the fold, folks. Dustin Hamnes and Jake Mathesien find themselves part of a quintet making a similarly shaggy brand of music in Safe Words. (more…)

(Photo: John C. Schlotfelt)

Iowa City’s premier punk outfit, Supersonic Piss, has itself a serious slab of shellac about to drop. The dirtiest quartet that the city has to offer is about to scramble some brains and blast through some ear drums with their debut full-length Umbilical Noose–out soon on Rotted Tooth Records. (more…)

(screenshot from Alex Body’s “Blood Orange” video)

Alex Body is poised to stake a claim as the most consistent and prolific songwriter in Iowa City–a title currently held by Samuel Locke Ward. On Thursday, Body announced a Kanye-esque roll-out for his latest album, Cutting Down Camelot. Friday he declared that he’d release “one track every day or so” leading up to the album’s release, which “will be available on 12″ [LP] by the time [he goes] on tour.” (more…)

If hip-hop hasn’t gone punk yet, it has now. Death Grip, an almost militantly obscure rapper/outfit, who/that has just started shaking up the internet. Apparently this is Zach Hill (of Hella fame) and his long whispered about hip-hop project. Who his other collaborators are is unclear. (more…)

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