I Remember My Film Classes

Sugar KurtzI was all totally jazzed about Searching for Sugar Man. The movie sits right in my wheel house. Some Afrikaner music nerds get all every-man-detective and go looking for answers regarding a mysterious American singer/songwriter by the name of Sixto Rodriguez–who went by the fairly uncreative nom de plum Rodriguez. I remained totally jazzed over the two days I watched it. However, in the day (and change) that has elapsed since I finished it, I’m left feeling pretty empty. (more…)


This is my second post about Kevin Smith’s cinematic “swan song,” Red State. I realize I may be succumbing to the trench coat-clad director’s whims by spending so much of my time on it, but the movie practically screams out to the world “talk about me!”
I’ve already talked about the film’s uneven second half, but I’ve felt compelled to chronicle the film’s downfall. Like the collapse of the 2011 Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox, there’s something magical and fascinating about the erosion of Red State. Strap in, this is a long one (but there are also lots of pictures!). (more…)