Shits & Giggles

It’s only March, but we’re getting ready for the invasion of many of the country’s finest comedic minds upon the Windy City in mid June for the Just for Laughs festival.
Well before all the greats descend upon Chicago, some of the emerging local talent (and a few gents from Minneapolis) are going to test their skills to see if they can’t net a slot in one of the festival’s many showcases. Thursday night, at The Red Bar Comedy Club, 15 comics will take the stage for that very honor.
You can order tickets here (just five bones!) or if you need more convincing, I’ve posted a video and link to each comics webpage below. (more…)


(Photo care of Erin Nekervish)

The Lincoln Lodge claims to be the longest-running independent comedy showcase in the nation, and it very may well be; but there aren’t a whole lot of statistics to confirm or deny such a claim. However, after my recent trip up to this weekly showcase, I can verify that the bulk of the troupe’s comedians are pretty darn good. (Some are on the precipice of being damn great.) (more…)