As you know if you’ve read the “About Me” section, I have a twitter feed and you can follow me. Recently, I’ve taken to reviewing television, live, on twitter. As of now, I only have three shows to tackle: Community, 30 Rock (back to back Thursday nights on NBC), and The Venture Bros. (on Cartoon Network’s AdultSwim, Sunday nights). I may cast a further net later, but for now, these have proven to be sufficient. All my reviews are accompanied by the trending topic #cornfedcritic and one for the show (e.g. #community). If you have any desire to read and disagree with me and my musings on the Atlanta Braves, pop culture, and keep up with my live show reviews for the aforementioned shows (and probably at least once for the T.Ocho Show), you can follow me here.


I find myself in Chicago, unemployed (though, thankfully only waiting for a start date), and without an outlet for all my opinions. Since I’m a stranger in a strange land without income, I am often lacking the means to get out and make friends beyond my girlfriend’s circle of well-wishers and acquaintances. I have a unique way of interacting with the world, therefore, I’m sort of an acquired taste. Knowing this, I have been almost endlessly pleasant and quiet for over two months as I’ve met and interacted with her friends. This is not to say that all my opinions are negative (though many can and will be), but I can be very intense, and passion can be blinding and veer off into terrible, offensive territory, or can be perceived as anger. This leaves me then with an audience of one who, to her credit, has listened and discussed quite often, but can only be subjected to so much of my bile and repartee. So I had the realization the other day: what better place to deposit all this bile and misdirected anger than the Internet?!?

What better place indeed. I doubt my audience will be much larger, in fact it may be smaller, but the illusion is all that is required.

I’m not sure what this blog–ew, that feels sort of dirty, I will try to find a euphemism I can tolerate–will be, it may never be more than a repository for my thoughts and barbs. However, I still receive multiple e-mails a day from various PR firms regarding indie music releases, so this may become more professional or clumsily grope near the pulse of something resembling a scene.